Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My 3rd trip to Grey's Anatomy...

Boy, was it hard for me to go back to my day job today!...

I had so much fun on the set yesterday, probably the most fun I’ve EVER had on a set. Everyone was ultra nice, so down to earth, and you could tell they love working together. The director we worked with, Tricia Brock, was really nice too. When we met, she told me a character in her last project was named Shanita. How ironic is that?!?

It turns out Tricia’s a perfectionist, so we ended up shooting the scene I was in at least 40 times from about 7 different angles. As a result I wasn’t released until around 11:00am, and because of that, I spent an amazing amount of time with the cast, which I definitely WAS NOT mad about!

We talked about everything under the sun: education, Hollywood icons, Curling (the Olympic Sport), superstardom, babies, rigor mortis, love scenes, gum, scene study, etc. You name it, we talked about it. “Seriously.” (Pun intended.) They had me laughing all morning long.

I got to talk to Chandra Wilson about her new baby, and to Sandra Oh about how tough it's going to be to find a good school for my kids, why we'd never met before, and when I’d possibly be coming back to do the show again. (Sandra proclaimed: “They could get you back here at least one more time before you have your baby right?” I responded by saying, “Yeah, but they’d have to get me some bigger scrubs, so I’m not sure!” I said that because I could barely squeeze my pregnant hips into the pair they’d given me. Sandra thought that was so funny.)

I talked to Ellen Pompeo and T.R. Knight about their new found fame, and I praised new comer Sara Ramirez for her wonderful debut performance on Sunday night. T.R. explained to them that he and I knew each other from back in the day, and went on to make the public announcement that he’d be bringing in our POWERTEL commercial so that we could share it with the cast and crew next time I was on the set. (Can we say embarrassing?!?...:)...) Mary Kay Place and Annie Morgan rounded out the visiting cast on set yesterday. They were both sweet as pie as well.

I felt extremely blessed to be living out my dream yesterday.

I was so sad to leave, but alas, my work was done. Many of them said they couldn’t wait to have me back, so hopefully somebody will mention my name to the “people who bring people back” so that I can come back a little more often, and maybe, hopefully, score a more prominent role like Moe Irvin’s or Sarah Utterback’s. We’ll see. At this point, I just feel fortunate that I’m even thought about round those parts.

I talked to the Talent Manager yesterday once I’d gotten home, and we scheduled an appt to finally meet tomorrow afternoon (3/1). I just realized this morning though that I have a Dr’s appt tomorrow, so I had to reschedule with her. (Gotta make sure all is well with my baby!) We will meet either later this week, or sometime next week.

The scene that Tann and I had planned to do for Pam Dixon next Monday is a no-go. Apparently we didn’t call early enough to make the list as we thought we had. We found out yesterday though that Pam will be back in April, and we would be added in for that workshop. It’s kind of a relief. I know we are both crazy busy this week. Among many other things, I have a house guest all week long. My 3 year old nephew! My daughter’s having a blast, but my husband and I are completely pooped!...I am certain this experience is prepping us for what’s soon to come. 2 kids!...

I sent my packet of headshots to my New Mexico agent today. I had to confess to her that I was still working on getting my demo reel duplicated, and I’d be sending them to her as soon as I could.
More later.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's Saturday night, and I'm blogging...

So I got a call from production this afternoon, my call time for Monday is 5:00am. Yikes! It’s the first scene of the day. I can do it though. I WILL do it. If my dream is to become a full-time working actor, I gotta get used to this type of thing, right?!?...:)...

As expected, yesterday afternoon I got a call from wardrobe, and then a couple of hours later a call from production. The girl from production wanted an e-mail address or fax number so that she could send over my scene. Interesting, in the past they’ve always sent me a full script. I guess since the show is red hot now, they don’t want ANY juicy details getting out...:)...

By the looks of things, I will be filming with Chandra Wilson and the whole group of interns this time. With the exception of T.R. Knight and Ellen Pompeo, I haven’t met any of them before.

Yesterday afternoon, I auditioned (via telephone) for a USC Grad Student film. (Thanks for the heads up Tanika!) It was a VO, and it was paying, so I decided to give it a whirl. I thought I’d done very well, but I just got an e-mail from the guy doing the project saying that he’d decided to go in a different direction. Oh well, onward and upward, right?!?...

One of the things my agent in New Mexico requested of me was a few hard copy demo reels that she could have on hand. So why has this been one of the toughest missions of my week? I called the place I usually go to, and I was told that they don’t do demo reels anymore. Great! Now what am I supposed to do? They were minutes away from my day job, and always a reliable source. Now I have to go in search of a company that not only won’t charge me an outlandish fee because I’m not getting mass duplication done, but they also have to provide a quick turn around time because I need to get this packet sent out ASAP. I figure I’ll get released fairly early on Monday, so this will be one of my projects for that day.

Speaking of New Mexico, the CD I met while there asked me to e-mail her when I decided on an agent. I did that today. It’s really nice to feel like I’m making some connections there.


Next Friday (03/06) I will be attending a Panel Discussion with several of the most influential women in Hollywood: Deborah Martin Chase, Eunetta T. Boone, Mara Brock Akil, and Felicia D. Henderson. I’m really excited about this, I think these women will have some very important things to say. There is a reception to follow, and I’m expecting to run into a few friends there, so it should be a cool experience. (One of the friends, Frances Uku, is a young African actress I met last month at the RIZE screening. Congrats on the booking girl!)

9 days, that’s all we have. Tann and I decided to sign up for an AFTRA Casting Showcase on March 6th with CD Pam Dixon. Problem is, we have only “tentatively” decided on the scene we want to do, and we haven’t memorized it, or even worked it once. Her and I are both extremely busy, and live on opposites sides of town, so I pray that we can pull this together in time!

March 10th is the day I’ll be making an appearance at this year’s International Theatre Honor Society Festival. This should be fun, as I never got to attend these Festivals while a thespian in High School.

Come mid-March, I predict I will have a little less to write about as I intend to start slowing down a bit in anticipation of my baby arriving. This pregnancy is definitely catching up with me. I am so tired lately!...

It’s been a while, so let’s check in with my Plan of Action and see what’s been added/deleted/and still undone.
  • Demo Reels (Get a few hard copies made.)
  • Postcards (I need to start researching some places so I’ll be ready when my next GREY’S ANATOMY appearance comes around.)
  • Voice Over Reel (I have e-mailed the guy I wanted to work with twice, and haven’t gotten a response. I think I’ve been letting his non-responses keep me complacent about this issue. I need to get on it ASAP.)
  • Passport (I’m not even worried about this right now. I highly doubt ANYONE would cast a 6 ½ month pregnant women in anything that will shoot outside of the country. I’ll wait on this one.)
  • Research and sign up for a Commercial Workshop. (I’ve been making a list and checking it twice. I am going to wait until summer to start auditing.)
  • Research Agents. (I’ve been making a list for this too. I’ll probably do a mailing after I give birth, before I head back to New Mexico for a few weeks.)
  • ITA Workshops (I will be making the switch to Actorsite this summer.)
  • I’d like to get my teeth whitened. (Putting this off until summer too.)
  • Press Kit (Putting all the pieces together. Not a priority.)

Wish me luck on Monday.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Maybe this WILL be a good weekend after all.

Just hung up with my agent's office. Everything's a go for Monday (2/27). They asked me "Why I was so worried?"...Ha! Where do I begin?

Followed up with the Talent Manager this morning too, she's out in the field, and asked if I could call her back on Monday (2/27). I'll call her from the set...:)...

In addition to some much needed rest, I will be getting all of my stuff together for my new agent out in New Mexico this weekend.

Have a good one ya'll.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"I'm pissed!" Yes, I said "I'm pissed!"

VO Audition - 2/23/06 - CDW

Okay, you tell me how you would feel.

It’s been a week since I heard anything, so yesterday morning, I called my agent to see if I’m still on for Saturday (2/25) to tape GREY'S ANATOMY. I’m told, “We haven’t heard anything yet.” “Okay, thanks.” I take that, and decide I’ll wait another day to see if they “hear anything.” Flash forward to about two hours ago. I call my agent's office at 5:00pm, and there’s no answer. Hmmmm...strange don’t agencies usually stay open until 7:00pm-ish? Okay, so I leave a message asking what I’d asked the day prior. At the end of the message I say, “If I don’t hear something back from you guys shortly, I’ll just call production and see what I can find out myself. I have all of the numbers at home.” (I wasn’t rude or confrontational at all during the message.) So at around 6:30pm I call production and talk to a guy by the name of Tom. I explained to him who I was, and asked if he had any information he could provide to me. After being placed on hold twice, Tom came back saying that all production scheduled for Saturday (2/25) had been moved to Monday (2/27), and from what he could tell I wasn’t even scheduled to work at all, because he couldn’t find any paperwork for me. He said that he’d check into things tomorrow, and give my agent a call so that she could give me an update. (He was very nice, so that made me feel a little better about what he'd just told me.)

Now, I don’t mean to sound witchy, or hormonal, but shouldn’t my agent have known this information? After being on hold for two weeks, why is it Thursday night before I’m scheduled to shoot, and I’m just finding out I’m not only NOT working day after next, but now I might not be working at all?!? What I feel the bombshell is, is that I had to call production MYSELF to find this information out.

I’m too through. I’m sorry, I feel like I do everything that’s asked of me, so I deserve an agent who is going to have my back right? It’s simple, all I want to do is work as an actor. That’s it. I don’t want to have to crawl and beg and plead every step of the way to do so. Don’t I deserve better?

I know they're busy, so in their defense, I will say, by no means do I think this agent is bad, or the agency is bad, but I should have went with my first mind when I sent them a drop letter last month. They are just not a good fit for me anymore. Plain and simple.

I'm out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I’m back from ABQ...

Everything went well in New Mexico. I was able to meet with several agents and a Casting Director while I was there. I was also able to hang out with my dad, a lot of my friends, and get some much needed rest. Whew! It was productive and fun, but it’s definitely good to be back home.

So, I thought long and hard over the three day weekend about who I wanted to sign with in New Mexico, and I believe I decided on the agency best suitable for me. My meeting with this particular agent went very well. She really seemed to know a lot about the business, and the direction that it’s taking. (The agency is one of the more established one’s in the state, and everyone knows about them, and their talent.)

It’s pretty interesting because things are growing SO rapidly in New Mexico, while there, I caught wind of the fact that 4 new series, and not less than 20 to 25 films will be starting production there within the next year. (Jessica Simpson started filming a portion of her current project EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH in Albuquerque while I was there.) All of this activity is most certainly due to the new incentive program that was established by the state recently, in which productions will get cost/tax breaks if they use 80% New Mexican talent. I’m certainly excited about it all, especially since I was reminded so many times that I’d have virtually slim to no competition as an african-american actress there.

The agent also told me that Breakdown Services just took a trip out there last week to sign up all the Talent Agents in the area for FREE because there has been such an amazing influx of work as of late. Good thing I’m already on that bad boy, now they just gotta link me up, and we’re ready to roll!

Unfortunately, unless some amazing project (that doesn’t mind that I’m pregnant) comes along, I probably won’t have the opportunity to go back out there until this summer, after my little one is born. At that point I intend to stay for a couple of weeks, to audition, audition, audition, and chill, chill, chill.

GREY'S ANATOMY is on for this Saturday, 2/25. Cool. I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll be getting the script sooner rather than later.

I think that’s it for now. I have a few more things in the works, but I’ll wait till they pan out before I say anything.

Wow! I can't believe February is almost over.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What a Hip-Happy Hump Day!

My hubby knows that I am one of those types of people who gets REALLY leery when a lot of things are going my way. I automatically think something bad is going to happen to me or the people I love. He tells me I'm just afraid of success. I think he might be on to something.

Yesterday I called SAG and found out I will in fact get $$ from sales of the GREY'S ANATOMY: Season 1 DVD. I'm sure it won't be much, but hey, it's more than what I have right now! So if you like the show as much as I do, go pick up the 1st Season today. Help a sister out. Ya'll know I got a baby on the way!

I followed up with my New Mexico submissions, and so far I have scheduled three more meetings with agents there. I talked to an actor friend in Albuquerque earlier this week, and she suggested I proceed with caution. According to her, a lot of the agencies have gone down hill as of late, and many of them are no longer franchised. That's surprising since the industry is really booming in New Mexico right now. She suggested I take on an agent in Santa Fe. We'll see, one of the agents I'm meeting with is in Santa Fe. I'll definitely meet with everyone and see what they have to say, and then make my final decision next week, once I'm back home.

Monday night I completed the two part Marketing Workshop I was taking with Clair Sinnett. I talked to her after class, and she suggested that I definitely market my pregnancy. I'd thought about it late last year, but then decided against it. I think I might re-visit the idea in March when my plate is a little less full. Take a few snapshots of my tummy, and get some postcards made.

Yesterday I was finally able to have a conversation with the talent manager I’ve been talking about for weeks now..:)...She’s really cool. We ended up talking for about ½ hour. She asked THE question: “So tell me about yourself?” (At that point I was really wishing that I’d applied myself a little more during Clair’s workshop.) At any rate, I got through it, and we ended up talking about my goals, the new baby, and GREY’S ANATOMY. Turns out she’s really good friends with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show. If I happen to sign with this manager, I definitely predict more calls from them in the future! She asked me to e-mail her a few things, and told me she’d be in touch to set up a face to face meeting. I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed.
Speaking of GREY'S ANATOMY, still no word on my exact shoot date. I'm fairly certain it will be sometime next week, which would work out perfectly.

Click Here to see the recent BackStage West article I've been talking about.

Click Here to see the Coretta Scott King Funeral Program I promised last week.

P.S. I hope you all had a spectacular Valentine's Day yesterday!

P.S.S. Yesterday was my Wedding Anniversary too...:)...4 years and counting. I love you baby!

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Albuquerque. Please pray that I make it there and back safely.


Monday, February 13, 2006


Or better yet, I should say "Pinned!" I got a late night call from my agents office on Friday saying that the folks over at GREY'S ANATOMY wanted to "pin" me from 2/14 thru 2/24 to come back and shoot another episode. I am so elated. Apparently they are fine with the fact that I'm pregnant. Woo-who!...

It's funny because just last Tuesday I'd sent an e-mail to my agent asking her if she could give them a call, because I'd remembered my first time being on the set that there was a pregnant woman in the scene with me (her character wasn't "supposed" to be pregnant), and they had no problems with it. And after I noticed Chandra Wilson's real pregnant belly this season, I knew the cards were stacking up in my favor. Needless to say, I guess I'll never know if my agent actually followed up my request, or if they just happened to call out of the blue. Either way, I'm happy, happy, happy. I'm trying to stay under the radar with my happiness though, until I'm actually there to tape it, because us actors know anything can happen, even up to the very last minute. At any rate, it's nice to know that they are still thinking of me! That show is on fire right now.

The old actor's tale about how "as soon as you purchase an airline ticket," has come true again! It's all good though, I told them I would be willing to change my travel arrangements if need be. Besides I think having to reschedule because of something like this would only "impress" the NM Agents/CD's anyway. At any rate, I'm going to go forward with my trip as planned, until I hear something differently. Which means I will have to get on the horn today and follow up those hard copy submissions I sent out last week with a phone call.

Thirteen hours this time around for the braids. They look cute. I'm rocking a black w/hints of red type of deal. My daughter got her hair braided too. She got cornrows, so hers only took an hour. Of course she's walking around thinking she's "da bomb" now! Too cute.

Tonight I go back for the second half of the Marketing Workshop I started last week. Of course I haven't had time to put any of the homework together. I'm gonna get on it though. I'd hate to show up to class empty handed.
Haven't heard back from the talent manager yet. I will try her again tomorrow if she doesn't call me back today.

Well, I think that's it for now. More to come as things develop this week.

P.S. Thanks for the good vibes Tanika, and I'm glad your sister is doing better.

Aloha K√£kou

Friday, February 10, 2006

End of the Week Update

I just heard back from the BackStage West journalist. She was at Sundance. Apparently the article I was in ran in LAST WEEK's issue of BackStage West. Bummer, I wish I would have known, I would have made a big to-do about it...:)...At any rate, she's dropping an issue in the mail to me, so once I get it, I'll upload a clipping.

I also spoke, very briefly, to that potential talent manger today. She was "out in the field," and promised to call me back.

Well, have a great weekend ya'll! I'm off to sit in "the chair" for 14 hours to get my hair did!


Thursday, February 09, 2006

For the first time in a long while...

I actually got 8 hours of sleep (during the week) last night. As a result, I think it has allowed for a sense of clarity on my part.

In a nutshell, I'm a little peeved today:

  • I haven't heard ANYTHING from all of those VO auditions I've had over the last few weeks. Not a peep. How sad is that? I really want to book AT LEAST one thing before summer.
  • I've sent the agent, who I recently reconciled with, two e-mails so far this week. Alerting her to several updates AND asking (what I thought to be) pretty important questions, and I haven't heard a peep from her. Granted, I know she's busy, but a "yes" or "no" answer, how long does that actually take to type?
  • Me and my pregnant belly spent 25 (ankle swollen) minutes standing in line at one of the most "ghetto" post offices in L.A. yesterday afternoon, to mail out those 10 (agent/cd) packets to New Mexico. Although, it's too early to tell, I KNOW I will be even more peeved if I don't hear a peep from anyone of them. Soon.

I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that will salvage my (acting related) week for me is if the conversation (I hope to finally have) with that talent manager goes well tomorrow.

Let's hope so.

Actually, let's pray so.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Apparently I have a lot to talk about this week...:)...

Okay, so the AFTRA employee apologized immensely to the group of about 25 of us that showed up last night for the Cold Reading Workshop with CD Clair Sinnett. Turns out the class was actually a Marketing Seminar/Workshop based around Clair's book: Actors Working: The Actors Guide to Marketing Success. Which meant no cold reading, and no interaction. My first thought, after such a long day, was "Can I really sit through a 2 hour lecture? It's been A LONG time since I was in college." I decided to stick it out, and see what she had to say. Besides, the last thing I wanted to be was rude by getting up and walking out.

In the end, Clair covered a lot of good points. She talked about how we should look at ourselves as Company Owners and the product we're selling, of course, is ourselves. And how it's very, very important that we find out what our niche is. Sure, as actors we feel like we can do everything, but what is that ONE thing that we can do very well that sets up a part from the pack? Once we figure that out, our headshots and resumes should be a representation of that.
She also stressed how our product should be in tip top shape, and ready to be sold. We should never try to "sell ourselves" when we're not ready. She equated several business marketing tools for us to get a visual of what she meant:

Brochures - Great Photos (not the cheapest photographer you can find) and a Resume that describes and sells the Product.
Direct Mailing - Postcards, unique (but not over the top) marketing ideas, etc.
30 Second "Commercial" - Specific answers to questions that should be used when doing a general interview or when being asked "tell me about yourself" during an audition.

Needless to say she sent us all home with a large amount of homework due for next weeks class. I'm actually pretty excited about doing it, when looking at it from her perspective, it gives me a lot of ideas I'd like to try that I never would have thought about on my own. I think that once the workshop is over, I might pick up her book for future reference.

When I got home last night, I tucked my little one into bed, and then ran to my computer to purchase my airline ticket to ABQ before midnight, it was on sale, and midnight was the deadline. Needless to say, $225 gone that quickly! I will only be in ABQ for a couple of days: 2/16 - 2/18. So far I have two appointments with agents. I'd like to have more. I'd also like to meet with some of the CD's in the area, so I'm planning to do a mailing sometime before the end of this week, so that I can follow up with phone calls early next week. (Up until this point, I'd only been corresponding with them via e-mail.)

While there, I really hope that I will have free time to hang out with some of my old skool friends in the burque. I really like to be as laid back as possible when I go back home. Ya know, try to get a little rest from life in the big city. We'll see though, I'm sure my dad will want to hang out and do something too, that is, if he can pull himself away from his girlfriend long enough!

Okay, so I'm 6 months pregnant now, and I can reeeaaalllly feel my body starting to slow down. I have several more workshops, classes, and seminars I want to be a part of over the next few weeks. So, I think come mid-March, I'll be ready to slow things down a bit until after the baby is born. Hopefully she doesn't say differently!

I got word this morning that I will have to wait until the end of the week to call that Hollywood talent manager I'd mentioned the other day. Apparently one of her good friends and clients is Yolanda King, and so she's in ATL for the funeral of Ms. Coretta Scott King today. All I can say is wow, I can't even imagine what it would be like to experience that funeral service. (Shortly after writing this, someone e-mailed me the program from her funeral, 28 pdf pages full of amazement. Wow. I will try to post it later.) While on this note, it's interesting because I was just talking to someone the other day about how my maiden name is King, and how my family is from the same area as the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King. One day I will have my family tree done so I can finally see if I'm related to him. I think we are related, either that, or both of our ancestors were on the same plantation. Really. No kidding.

Everywhere I go, I've been hearing about Actorsite, Actorsite, Actorsite. I've been a follower of ITA Productions since early last year, but I've never gotten called in from any of the workshops I've attended there. I think that after I have the baby, Actorsite will be one of my first stops, so I can finally see what all the buzz is about.

Finally! After two months, I'll be getting my hair re-braided this weekend. If you remember, the process is long and daunting, but you have no idea how much time this will shave off me getting ready in the mornings!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Catch me once again, on STRONG MEDICINE this month!

That is if you're not tired of seeing it already...:)...

Saturday, February 18th.

hasta la vista.

Pre-Order GREY'S ANATOMY - Season 1 DVD


I e-mailed my agent asking her if she thought I'd get any compensation, that's assuming my one scene from Season 1 made it to the dvd.

Hmm, I guess I'll find out soon enough. Sure would be nice.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Ball is Rolling in February!

I picked my headshots up from Isgo Lepejian on Thursday afternoon, just in time to use them at the workshop I attended that night with Casting Director Monica Swann.

My original plans involved my hubby and I checking out a screening of the new flick SOMETHING NEW (sponsored by SAG) with a Q/A with some of the cast members to follow. However, all that changed when I got an e-mail notice on Wednesday afternoon titled What Every Actor Should Know about Casting with Monica Swann, a workshop that was being offered at the Learning Annex. (Monica Swann is one of the top CD's in Los Angeles.) At first, I didn’t want to break my plans, but when I forwarded the e-mail, a couple of my fellow actor friends Tanika Brown McKelvy and Tann Moore, convinced me otherwise. Thanks girls! My hubby was also very encouraging, saying that he didn't mind if I changed my plans.

Both Tanika and Tann brought along some of their actor friends with them, so I was happy I was able to pass on such a valuable piece of information. One of Tanika’s friends was an actress named Tasia Sherel who, turns out, I’d read with at my callback for LET’S TALK back in November. (If you remember, I bombed really bad at that callback.) I was so embarrassed when I saw her there, but in my effort to get past that, the first thing I asked her was did she book the part (because she was phenomenal at the callback) and sure enough she had. I congratulated her, and she informed me that the film is slated to screen sometime this month. I hope I can get a hold of that information. I’d love to check out the final product.

So, okay, back to the workshop, Monica Swann was very sweet, and personable, and she answered everyone’s questions fully. We went ½ hour overtime because of it. Her assistant Alpha also came along and answered a few questions. During the 3 hour workshop Monica covered everything from, How to Prepare for an Audition to What Casting Directors are Looking for in Talent. She even brought sides, and let a few people do cold readings in front of the group.

The small room was packed, the temperature varied between hot and cold at times, my feet were swollen, and the workshop cost $40, but I’m happy I went. I got to talk to Monica personally about being a reader in her office, and the likely hood of a pregnant woman being cast in a non-pregnant role. Neither answer was what I wanted to hear. She said “Sorry, but I do my own readings AND it’s very unlikely because of insurance reasons. I have pregnant stars calling me all the time begging for roles."

I’d heard the insurance response from my talent manager (at the time) when I was pregnant with my first child, but I think I needed to hear it from a CD for it to sink in. Okay, yeah, I’m stubborn! I get it now. I have to wait.

So anyway, Monica accepted everyone’s headshots and resumes, which was cool. I am going to e-mail my agent and ask her if she can try to setup a general appointment for me to go in a talk with Monica further, one on one. I really liked her vibe (she reminded me of my mother) and I most certainly want to be one of those actresses she “thinks about” when casting.

I still got to see the movie this weekend! On Friday night, seven of my girlfriends and I, went to check out SOMETHING NEW, and boy what a great film it was. I thought both the story AND acting were superb, and the chemistry between Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker was untouchable. Check it out if you can!

Tonight I will be up putting together all of the mailers I wanted to do “as soon as I got my pictures back.” I’m sure many of you know the drill, daunting work indeed! Also tonight, I am going to try to (tearfully) sit through the series finale of STRONG MEDICINE.

Tomorrow night, I will be attending a two-part Cold Reading Workshop (sponsored by AFTRA) with CD Clair Sinnett. (I plan on asking her about being a reader as well.)

Also on deck this week is a call to a prominent Hollywood talent manager a friend of a friend referred me to. After months of probing on my part...:P...he showed her my headshots and resume two weeks ago, and she told him to have me call her cell phone sometime this week. Cool, huh?!? I’m very excited about this development, because all of the work I did looking for a talent manager earlier this year never panned out. I ended up being subjected to unreturned phone calls and unread e-mails from managers who’d expressed interest at first, but didn’t follow through with me. I’m sure they are very busy, but to that I say: Oh well, their loss. At any rate, wish me luck with this talent manager. I’d love to be on her roster.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who checked out BROOKLYN'S BRIDGE TO JORDAN last week. It was great to receive all of the wonderful, supportive e-mails!


Thursday, February 02, 2006

VO Audition - 02/03/06 - KFC & GREYHOUND

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If you've got a minute tonight...

...check me out on Showtime!

BROOKLYN'S BRIDGE TO JORDAN will be the last film to air during the Black Filmmaker Showcase, and should air promptly at 9:35pm ET/PT.

I thought it was pretty cool that they used my name on the Showtime page...:)...