Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Update - First Post of the Summer!...

VO Audition - WAMU (2) - 6/25/07
Avail - CHELSEA LATELY SHOW - 6/30/07 (Kenyah)

Unfortunately, we had to pass on Kenyah's avail because my husband and I are leaving town for the weekend on a much needed retreat! Of course that would happen right?!? It's okay though, she'll get 'em next time!

This afternoon I'm going to go sign with the VO Manager I'd mentioned in an earlier post. I'm very excited about what this relationship could mean. Keep your fingers crossed.

Much more next time. Life is keeping me very busy these days!


Monday, June 11, 2007

Commercial Audition - V8 - 6/11/07

P.S. Kenyah did a fantastic job on Friday! As for me, I ended up leaving my audition without getting seen on Saturday. More on that later! Needless to say, I wasn't very happy about it.


Thursday, June 07, 2007


CallBack - BC/BS - 06/08/07 (Kenyah)
TV Audition - INDUSTRY THE SERIES - 06/09/07

I guess I spoke to soon...:)...

Please wish my baby luck at her callback!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007



This went very well. I'd sure like to get this since my children absolutely adore Curious George!..:)...

I'm thinking this will be a sequel to last year's movie.


Monday, June 04, 2007

TV Audition - LINCOLN HEIGHTS - 6/4/07

TV Audition - LINCOLN HEIGHTS - 6/4/07

I had a feeling that I was way too young for this, and my fear was almost confirmed when I walked in the waiting room and saw that Thea Vidale was reading for the same role. But, once I saw more women come in, that were closer to my age, I regrouped, went in, and did my thang!

Not sure if my audition sealed the deal or not, but the CD's were really nice, and they seemed to like me, and my performance. Hopefully they'll call me in again soon!

It's funny because I realized, while on the treadmill the other day, that most of my bookings have come during the off season for other actors, (i.e. during the holidays and summer months) because they usually leave town, narrowing down the competition for me.

Let's hope this summer is big one!


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Kenyah!

My second born turns 1 today.

Isn't she a ham?


Friday, June 01, 2007

No callbacks, No bookings, No nada.

Drats! And, I was really feeling good about these past couple of weeks. My VO stuff has been going really well, and Kenyah kicked butt on all three of her auditions. I’m actually very surprised not to hear anything back. But, oh well, life goes on, right? Next!

Got a lot going on lately, so here are some Quick Updates:

  • CA Theater Festival Judging – Still get requests, but I’m no longer doing them because they’re usually too far of a drive for me. Too bad, because I really enjoyed them.

  • Didn’t get to direct my friend’s play last month...:(…With our conflicting schedules, it proved too difficult to get together to rehearse. She ended up self directing, and from what I understand, she did a kick butt job!
  • Been in touch with all three of my agents, trying to light some fires. Something has gotta ignite soon!

  • Got a proposition from a new manager in the VO world, which I am excited about, since I’d recently mentioned the desire to expand my horizons in that field. We’ll see what happens.
  • Speaking of the VO world, after e-mailing a couple of fellow actors (you know who you are – thanks) I decided to submit myself around town for A.D.R. work, we’ll see what happens with that.
  • Gearing up to tackle the Soap World. All I will say is, WISH ME LUCK!

  • Got the weave. It’s looking good if I do say so myself. I likes.

  • Missed a great panel discussion the other day (5/30). THE UNIT Cast and THE SHIELD Cast, because it was too last minute. Really wish I could have made that.

  • Forced to miss what I’m sure will be a great SAG Q&A with Ms. Bonnie Gillespie next Monday night (6/4), because of a previous commitment.

  • Boy, am I loving this newfound desire to work out. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard. I even “finally” decided to try out Sand Dune Park on Memorial Day with the family. My 4 year old beat me to the top the first time I up, but I felt pretty good about accomplishing the task. (I went up twice.) Crazy thing is, I’m still sore right now – 4 days later!

  • Got an invite for my friend Gary’s Movie Premiere (SISTER'S KEEPER) next Wednesday (6/6). I would like to go, but I’ll have to play it by ear.

Dang, is it summer already?!?...

Peace Out,
Mrs. Moore