Friday, May 25, 2007

On the horizon...

Commercial Audition - WALGREENS - 5/25/07 (Kenyah)
Commercial Audition - BC/BS - 5/29/07 (Kenyah)
VO Audition - COMCAST - 5/29/07

Took some new shots of Kenyah last week. I guess it's paying off! My turn...:)...


Thursday, May 24, 2007

"One Day at a Time" (1975)

TV Audition - ZOEY 101 - 5/24/07
Print Audition - Disney/Behr Paints - 5/24/07 (Kenyah)

My first Guest Star audition. Pretty cool!

Today ended up being a very difficult day for me, and as a result, I think it was evident in the audition room. I did "good," but probably not good enough to get a callback. Long story short, I had to end up taking my daughter to the audition with me, which caused a lot of unneeded stress. My head was not in the room at all. At any rate, something really cool did happen while I was there. Mackenzie Phillips, who was reading for the same role, went in before me, and offered to sit with Kenyah while I went inside. Really, really sweet woman, we chatted for a while before leaving.

By the way, Kenyah did amazingly well at her audition, best so far, I think.

Well see what happens!

Keep praying for me (us).


Friday, May 18, 2007

Just trying to make it happen (Part 2)...

VO Audition - JUICED - 05/18/07

Yesterday afternoon I met actor AL SHEARER at the post office. My kids and I were rushing in before the 5:00pm deadline after a much needed playdate at the park. He was a cool cat, we chatted for a few minutes about our mutual friend GARY POUX (who Al did a Coors Commercial with), and that was about it.

On another note, I was pretty discouraged to learn that the postage has gone up considerably for me to mail out my guides. Dang it! So, unless I start getting larger numbers for actor listings and ad placements, it might not be worth my time to keep doing them. We'll see though. As for now, the second issue is still in the works.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just trying to make it happen...

Commercial Audition - Hallmark Channel Promo/Kraft - 5/16/07
VO Audition - KUM & GO - 5/17/07

First audition with the new agent! (In case you were wondering why I'm going out with my theatrical agent, commercially, her and I have made a tentative agreement for her to submit me commercially, since I don't have a commercial rep right now.) The audition went very well! We'll see if I get a callback. It's slated to shoot on 5/22.

Been working out like a mad woman lately, I haven't lost anymore weight, but my clothes are fitting me a lot differently, which is a good sign right?...:)...

Returned from the gym this morning to catch BRINGING HOME BABY (on TLC). I can't believe that was over a year ago! My how time flies. My sister in Upstate NY had called my mom (who in turn called me) saying she'd just seen me on TV, so I knew it was coming on again. That thing will probably re-air til I'm 50!...:)...

Hmmm, what else is going on?

Gearing up to get a curly weave next week. Although my hair is 100% au natural now, it's still not looking the way I'd like it to. I'm learning that my hair goes through A LOT of transitions after I have a baby. It did the same thing with my oldest daughter, so I figured while it's working itself out, I'd give the curly weave a try. Hopefully I'll like it more than the straight one I had a couple of years ago.

Oh yeah, I talked to SAG about BEST WEEK EVER last week. Since I never heard anything, they are putting in a claim on my behalf.

Dats about it. I hope all is well with everyone!...


Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Friday, May 04, 2007

"How did they get here?!?"

"They drove here," I say.

"But they're on T.V.!" my daughter exclaims. Looking at me somewhat confused.

"I know. But hey, mommy's on T.V. too, and I'm here. They're real people, with real lives. They're actors like me."

That was the conversation I had with my 4 year old last Thursday night (5/3). At the last minute, I decided to take her to a ATAS Sponsored panel discussion for one of our favorite shows: EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. My day was jam packed, so we got there about 20 minutes late. As we were walking in, they were showing the final scenes of an episode that was directed by Kelsey Grammer, that has yet to be aired. Mr. Grammer moderated, and the panel included: Chris Rock, Tyler James Williams, Terry Crews, Tichina Arnold, and Ali LeRoi. Vincent Martella waved from the crowd. With the exception of a few weird audience questions, and even weirder responses from Mr. Rock (he is a nut for real!...:)...), it ended up being an enjoyable experience. They even fed us afterward, which was a total surprise. My daughter and I bypassed the caviar, and opted instead for finger sandwiches and fresh fruit.

BOOKED! I booked a Del Monte Industrial VO, which I recorded today. Let me just say that was THE MOST lucrative 20 minutes I've EVER had in my life! And the fact that I didn't even audition for it, made it even sweeter.

Everything's going great with the new agent, no auditions yet, but I can tell she's working hard for me. I predict a general interview is just around the corner. I had to order more headshots today. I was impressed, ISGO has really streamlined their customer service for online users, so it only took me 10 minutes to place my order. I didn't order very many though, I'm hoping to spruce up "my look," and shoot some new one's soon.

Tonight I'd made plans to attend an AFTA sponsored MAC Makeup Workshop, but I was too tired. I should have gone because LORD KNOWS I need help with learning how to apply makeup better. Oh well, maybe next time.

Starting production of the 2nd Issue of my guide. I'm hoping to make it even better than the 1st!

Pretty Cool: Today I'm ranked 35,229 on IMDB PRO's Star Meter, not my highest ranking to date(11,610), but pretty cool none the less.

P.S. During last week's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, I saw the KAY JEWELERS Commercial my baby auditioned for. It was really cute! The baby they chose looked a lot like the couple the chose, which I'm guessing, is why my little doll wasn't cast...:)...

Thanks for reading!

Nita G.