Monday, June 27, 2005

Two Weeks and Counting...

...and still, no auditions!

I'm still trying to get personal and family stuff in order. Among many other things, my family and I moved into a new place on June 1st, so I'm still unpacking. And today I have to take my car in to the repair shop, unfortunately I was rear ended a few weeks ago on my way to a VO audition. The damage wasn't major, so hopefully I'll have it back soon. Just in time for the 25 auditions I will get this week!...:)...

The weave is gone!

I enjoyed it, but I just couldn't do it. It was too much work. I am very low maintenance. So, next stop: BRAIDS. I like those better anyway, I think they make me look younger, which for some roles, is a plus. I'm in contact with a photographer, so I hope to have my pictures done soon after getting the braids.

P.S. Del's role on STRONG MEDICINE has already become a recurring for her! I'm so happy for her! She's gotta send some of her good fortune my way, I'm still waiting for that call from STRONG MEDICINE.

Friday, June 17, 2005

No Auditions This Week...

Well, I ended this week with no auditions, but that's okay because I was really busy with work (day job) and family stuff.

As expected, things have really slowed down for me because of the summer. I haven't had a film/tv audition in about a month, and it seems my commercial picture isn't working for me at all, so I haven't gone out commercially in a long, long while either. I have been going out for a lot of vo stuff lately, but alas, I haven't booked anything. I guess I gotta get myself in gear, and get that new photography sooner, rather than later!...:)...

Last week I sent out over 100 postcards to CD's (presumable still in production) announcing my STRONG MEDICINE appearance this past Sunday, hoping it would garner an audition or two, but it looks like the idea might not have worked. I am hopeful that my efforts planted a few seeds though, but only time will tell.

I got a call today from the company that records my shows for me, saying my STRONG MEDICINE tape was ready. I'm anxious to pick it up, so I can see how I really did...and then learn from it...:)...

This weekend, rest is on the agenda.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Plan of Action

So, over the last few weeks, I've been working on a plan of action to re-invent myself before the fall season.
  • I got a weave about a week ago. (I'm still trying to decide if I like it, and if I want to keep it long term. I'm more of a braid woman myself.)
  • I also met with my agents last Thursday to discuss new photography, so now I'm on a search for a new photographer.
  • I am re-doing my voice over and demo reels.
  • I'm applying for a passport. (Finally!)
  • I'm exercising more, in hopes of losing a little weight.
  • I have a friend that's helping me rewrite my bio.
  • and, I'm trying to put together a small press kit.

So we'll see if I can accomplish all of this by the end of the summer...:)...

Yesterday I received a copy of a short film I did last year called BROOKLYN'S BRIDGE TO JORDAN. It was written, directed, and produced by a USC student named Tina Mabry. I watched it with my husband tonight. Let me just say, Tina did an amazing job putting all the pieces together! She is definitely going to be a big somebody someday. Kudos Tina.

P.S. Del booked the role on STRONG MEDICINE! You go girl!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Surprise, Surprise

I came home this afternoon to be greeted by an awesome e-mail from my friend, Del Hunter White. She'd done something I think no other actor on the face of the planet has ever done for a fellow actor. She talked about ME, during HER audition! Is that crazy or what?

Let me explain. See it turns out that Del had an audition for STRONG MEDICINE today, and she took the liberty of telling the CD about how she'd cast me in a lead for her short film, CORNBREAD, a few years ago. Her kind words about me, lead to the discovery that Lori Sugar (the STRONG MEDICINE CD), and one of the producers of STRONG MEDICINE, were very happy with my performance, and are trying to figure how they can have me back on the show.

That is definitely one of the greatest things a friend has done for me in a long while. Thanks again Del! I owe you one.

P.S. Del got a callback!

Let's Start on a High Note!

Well, I've been saying I was going to do this for years, and since SO MANY have popped up as of late, I have decided to join the bandwagon...:)...

So here goes my feable attempt at an actor's blog:

After auditioning for STRONG MEDICINE at least a half dozen times over the last two years, I am happy to say the struggle has finally paid off! The episode I booked aired on this evening. I watched it at my MIL's house (as I am currently cableless) with her, my husband, and my daughter. Needless to say my hands covered my face in embarrassment during most of my 45 seconds of camera time. But, all in all, I thought I did quite well. I find myself a lot like Diane Keaton in this regard, it's really very hard for me to watch myself on camera.

Anyway, interestingly enough, the comment I remember hearing the most about my performance was: "Shenita, what did you do to your hair?!?" Turned out my curls were a little too tight.

Note to self: Hire an Image Consultant...:)...