Thursday, November 30, 2006

VO Audition - 12/1/06 - CD ROM PROJECT

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A potpourri of sorts...

On my way to work yesterday morning, I saw the billboard for THE LOST ROOM (fka MOTEL MAN.) If you remember, that’s the project I auditioned for, and had a callback for, while I was in New Mexico over the summer. As I was shaking off the slight twinge of rejection I was feeling, I drove past a film set not even 1/2 block away. Oh yes, it seems as if the Hollywood “gods” were laughing at me yesterday!

I’m still trying to get my game plan together for finding a new agent and/or a manger to work with. I’m grateful, because I’ve been able to steal away some time to submit myself to a few folks. A big part of me is just hoping that one of them will bite, so I won't have to do a mass mailing.

Hmmmm, what else have I been up to that you all might care about?...:)...

I’ve be gearing up to get back in the gym. I HAVE been walking with the girls, which is cool, but I need some high intensity workouts. I keep making plans to go, but as soon as something else comes up, I cancel. Bad, bad Shenita! My husband reminded me this morning that a HUGE PART of my “job” as an actor is to look good, so that was definitely an incentive. Gee, he might as well of just pointed at my “mommy belly” and laughed. Just kidding, I know what he meant, and it's certainly true...:)...

I’ve been hitting up my local Blockbuster to get my WEEDS: SEASON ONE fix. I even got my husband hooked on the show…:)…

Exciting News: Last week I got my packet in the mail for the festival in Tampa next spring! I have a few weeks before I have to send it back, so now the brain storming must begin. What will I teach a workshop about? It was suggested that I conduct a workshop about what it takes to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. I guess that would work, I AM knowledgeable about that...:)...This should be a really fun experience. Years ago, my friend Victoria and I had thought about taking trips back to New Mexico to conduct workshops like these. We never acted upon it though. At any rate, I’ll keep you posted as I piece my ideas together. In the meantime, for those of you out there who are planning to move to L.A. one day, what would you find beneficial to learn in a workshop such as this? Let me know. Please post, or send me an e-mail:

Speaking of New Mexico, things are going VERY WELL with the The New Mexico Actors Guide®. The industry feedback has been overwhelming! I’ve had so many requests (from legitimate industry contacts, mind you) that it’s taken me by surprise. One thing that has been a disappointment though, is the lack of actor participation. I won’t let that keep me from publishing this winter though. I will charge forward with the folks who have signed up. I've found that there is definitely a need for this guide, and I’m going to fill it! The New Mexico Actors Guide®.

Until next time,


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Counting my blessings during this Thanksgiving Holiday...

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you the ups and downs I’ve gone through over the last couple of weeks. My husband and I are convinced that God is challenging us for some reason greater than we know. Let me tell you, I will most certainly be rejoicing when we can move into the “calm after the storm!” ...:)...

On the downside:
  • I had to go to the emergency room last week with not one, but two potentially life threatening conditions that, thank the Lord, were treatable!
  • I don’t feel as if I’m any closer to leaving my day job.
  • It looks like I might be agentless during yet another Pilot Season.
  • Fatigue caused me to miss both the screening, and the AFTRA event I was supposed to attend last week. It looks like I might need to slow my roll a little bit.

I'm trying not to worry though, because I HAVE had a few great things happen to me as well, that have shown me that I really need to “count my blessings” and not sweat the small stuff!

On the upside:

  • I have been feeling VERY GOOD about my VO Auditions lately. I’m hoping that it’s just a matter of time before I book something.
  • I am an auntie again! Number 14 and counting!...
  • I went to a very cool party last week. An old friend of mine Adriana Garza won a Glamour Magazine Contest, and is featured in their December 06 issue.
  • I found out yesterday that I will be receiving some GREY’S ANATOMY love very soon. Cool beans! I want to hug the guy that invented residuals...:)...(Actually, while I’m on the subject of GREYS ANATOMY, you guys have to send out some “recurring dust” my way. I am just dying to get back on that show!...)

I think that's it for now.

Happy Turkey Day!...


P.S. Actors, if you haven't already, don't forget to sign up to be listed in The New Mexico Actors Guide®. I've just recently extended the deadline to December 15, 2006 at 5:00pm. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

VO Audition - 11/16/06 - ANTIGUA & BARBUDA TV PROGRAM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just doing the Hollywood thang.

Wednesday’s (11/8) VO audition went amazingly well! Not just because I got to chat it up in the waiting room with a bunch of amazing fellow actresses, but because I actually left thinking I’d done a darn good job. Among the women I auditioned with were: Telma Hopkins and Loni Love. Loni collected our cards, with promise to comp us for her stand up show next month. Cool! My husband and I have wanted to catch a comedy show for some time now, and my birthday happens to be during that same week.

The next night, as we were looking for a place to park at the WGA building, my husband and I saw Doris Roberts walking through the parking lot. We were on our way to see the movie PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith at the Academy building. She, it seemed, was on her way to the screening of BABEL, which was at the WGA that same night.

At any rate, PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS is definitely a must see! (I feel like I’m saying that about every movie lately...:)...) Oh well, IT IS a good movie. And, I DO recommend catching it if you can. Will was there for the Q&A, along with one of the producers, and the director Gabriele Muccino: who is a very likeable Italian guy, with a heavy accent. Will looked amazingly average and non-celeb like to me. I guess after growing up watching him on tv, film, and listening to his music, I’d always imagined him to be bigger than life. So when I saw him. And he was human. It was pretty weird...:). He’s definitely one of those celebs that you “feel like you know” because you’re so used to seeing them all the time. I’m sure that’s why he has a secret service team, to remind us common folk that “we don’t actually know him!”...:)...

Jada was there. He had her stand up and wave to the crowd. Kevin West and Kurt Fuller were also there. We sat behind Kurt, and at the end of the film I complimented him on his work in the film. I actually ended up chatting with him for a minute.

On the agenda for next week: A screening of THE FOUNTAIN, an AFTRA sponsored event with Mark Teschner, and a Glamour Magazine party.

Yep. I’m quickly remembering how this whole networking thing works...:)...


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Fortune Cookie Today Read:

"You Have an Ambitious Nature & May Make a Name For Yourself." All I know is, I'm working every day to change that "MAY" to a "WILL!"...

VO Audition - 11/08/06 - DIAMLER-CHRYSLER


Monday, November 06, 2006

You all would be proud of me...

I did it. It's over.

I sent them an e-mail earlier this afternoon, and I've already gotten a response of when I can come by to pick up my stuff. It saddens me (on a personal level) to have left, but it was time. WELL past time. (I'm sure you can all agree with me.)

I'm looking forward to my "FRESH" start!...:)...New COMMERCIAL and THEATRICAL representation, here I come!

- Shenita.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

OMG, has it really been 7 months?!?

With all of the excitement lately, (i.e. new baby, family stuff, road trip, returning to work, venture #2, and more family stuff) I've kind of slept on the fact that I haven't auditioned AT ALL through my Commercial/TV agent in over 7 months! With the exception of the excitement I had a couple of weeks ago, I have not done a darn thing through them since March.

Well, remember what happened back in January? It's happening again, and this time, no take backs!

On a happier note, let me first say, that I am definitely privileged to be a member of SAG. As a result, I get invitations to attend SAG Awards Screenings each year at around this time. Every day e-mails fill my inbox for films and television shows that are requesting my presence at a screening. Of course the bigger picture is that they want my vote, but I just like to feel special when I get them...:)...

The screenings come with the promise of Q&A's with the stars should we attend the event. I haven't been able to attend many this year. The first one I had the opportunity to attend was the Derek Luke film TO CATCH A FIRE. The second, was WEEDS, which I attended this past Friday (11/3). And the third, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS with Will Smith, I plan to attend this week. I've, unfortunately, had to pass on: BOBBY, DEXTER, HOLLYWOODLAND, and VOLVER to name a few.

So anyways, back to WEEDS. I took a friend of mine to the screening. He is a HUGE fan of the show, and I am too now. The show is awesome! (I'm wishing now that I would have latched on to it earlier this year when Tanika and Melissa were talking about it at Tanika's birthday party.) Blockbuster here I come! After the screening, Mary Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Romany Malco, Hunter Parrish, and little Alexander Gould, all graced us with their presence, sharing funny tidbits about their experiences on the show. All the while, they kept making reference to a couple that was seated just on the other side of my friend. It took me a while to figure out who they were talking about, but part way through the Q&A, it hit me. The creator of the show Jenji Kohan was seated three seats away from me.

Okay, my mind started racing.

Earlier in the day I was only going to the screening because I wanted to take my friend. Now, after seeing the show, and this new revelation, I really wanted to be on it. I pulled my one and only acting business card from my purse, (yes, I only had one on me) and prepared myself for the inevitable: I was GOING to talk to Jenji after the Q&A! Of course I wasn't the only one who made the connection. So, after getting the "sure you should go for it" confirmation from my friend, and making my way through the masses, I approached her. I told her she had a new fan of the show and asked her if I could give her my business card. She was (surprisingly) very soft spoken, and nicely obliged. I handed her my card, thanked her, and we were out the door.

Hey, I can deal with the fact that for all I know, she threw my card away as soon as she found the nearest trash can. I'm still happy that I did it though, because now that I'll soon be agentless, my self-networking skills have to kick into overdrive. On the other hand, just in case she didn't, I'm thankful my business card has my direct contact information on it!...:)...


- I don't smoke weed, I just want to be on the show.