Friday, January 23, 2009

YES - I - CAN!

TV Audition - LIE TO ME - 1/23/09

Today I'm celebrating my first audition of the year! Yeah! It was last minute, but things went very well. I also met with a potential commercial agent today. The agency is a bit on the newer side, but you guys know that things like that don't bother me. As long as I get auditions, I'm a happy camper!...:)...I'll keep you posted on whether or not we make it official.

What else have I been up to lately? Stole time to read a book, and sat down long enough to watch a few flicks. Enjoyed THE LONGSHOTS and SEVEN POUNDS, really enjoyed NOT EASILY BROKEN. I went to a screening of NOT EASILY BROKEN. I was hoping to enjoy a Q&A with Mr. Bill Duke after the movie, but at the last minute, he was unable to make it. I was pleasently surprised by how good this movie was, considering I really didn't know much about it. Actually, I wish I could've auditioned for it, but I won't go there!

Anywho, a couple of I SAW's:
  1. I saw Kevin McKidd in traffic the other day, and I'll just say, if/when they ever call me back to GREY'S ANATOMY, I hope my scene is with him!...:)...
  2. As I was leaving my audition on the FOX lot today I saw Judy Greer. She seems like a really cool person. I've come across my share of celebrities, and it's a very rare occurence that they will look you in the eye and offer up a warm smile.

I think that's it for industry news right now. I'm still plugging away in other areas of my life, so most of the time I feel like a walking, talking zombie...:)...but I know all of my hard work will pay off soon. Right?!? Right? Right!

Shenita Moore

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today was Wonderfully Fruitful!...:)...

Not only does it mark my return to the gym, but the "shake up" also occurred today. Things went very smoothly, and I am so relieved that it's over!...:)...I already had someone lined up to go to bat for me, so hopefully the auditions will start pouring in. All I can do is wait and see!

In other news, I came across this little gem on YouTube today! Let me know what you think...:)...

Shenita Moore

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well, now that 2008 is in the record books...

...I guess it's time to pull out those New Year's resolutions right? NOT!...:)...

I have decided to do something different this year, and NOT come up with any New Year's resolutions for myself. My ultimate goal is to stay as open minded and positive as possible in 2009, and just enjoy what life brings my way.

Professionally, things with the animated short I did last year: Detective Downs 2, seem to be coming along quite nicely. The creator (Anthony Thurman) has just released an image of my character Robin. In addition, last month, he did an interview with Flicker Pictures in which I was mentioned!

In other news, this might not be the best time, but I think it's time for yet another shake up. So, please keep me in your prayers!

I think that's it for now. I hope that all of you had a wonderful (and safe) Holiday Season, and that you are as excited as I am about moving forward in this New Year!

Love ya!

Shenita Moore