Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Film at 11...

Let me be the first to say that director Christopher Neil is one of the nicest directors I've ever worked with! On Sunday, 3/20, I was called to the set of the feature film GOATS to shoot my scene with Alan Ruck, Graham Phillips, and Ronnie Rubalcaba. (See pics below.) Although many of us were suffering from some form of allergy, a fun time was had by all. Alan is hilarious, and considering the rest of the cast, I think this movie is going to do really, really well! I'll be sure to share more information as I get it.

Gotten word that the animated short (THE DEPRESSION OF DETECTIVE DOWNS 2), that I recorded some time back, will be screening next month. Here is a link to one of the songs on the soundtrack. Hopefully I'll get to see the film and share it soon.

We're currently exploring the option of putting QVW on the internet. Details coming soon!

Going with my church's youth drama group to AZ for a competition next month has been cancelled. Bummed! -- But we've decided that we're going to perform it at church. The kids have worked so hard, and we don't want to let all that talent and hours of rehearsal go to waste! I'll be stepping in and playing a role too. Should be fun.

Spring is upon us, which means Pilot Season will soon be over. I was hoping to have an opportunity to fly back to Los Angeles for a bit, but that's looking very unlikely. My manager and I have agreed that I should hold off on coming to L.A. until I'm needed there. In the meantime, I'll be checking my voicemail and email for NM auditions. There are a lot of projects coming over the horizon! :)...

Plus size modeling, you ask? Never heard back from the folks I submitted to. Not sure my heart would've been in it anyways. So, promptly moving on...

What I AM going to do is revive the theater project I wanted to produce this year. I really like this producing/publicity stuff. I'm thinking maybe August or September. I gotta check the theater and talent availability though. I also need to get started on my birthday event. Although it all came together last year, it was tough pulling those sponsors together for my party at the last minute. Either everyone had already run out of sponsorship money/goods for the year or I was competing with holiday stuff. I think I might submit both events as a package deal and see what I can come up with. Lots to do. Lots to do. No time for rest! :)...

Lastly, and I just wanted to share this real quickly: Growing up, my parents used to take my siblings and I to see this variety show called Tops in Blue. I feel as if these shows are truly a part of why I ended up on stage at such a young age. I was excited to have been able to share this experience with my little ones last week. These active duty Air Force men and women are truly an inspiration! Here is a snippet of what they can do. Enjoy!

Shenita Moore