Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm writing this from the road, so it shall be brief!

I'm in Arizona for the weekend, en route to New Mexico with the kids. So far, so good. Before I left Los Angeles, I enjoyed a delicious lunch with Ms. Uku herself. (Thanks for the invite girlfriend!) It's always a lot of fun to pick the brain of a fellow actor.

So, remember the managers I spoke of last week, I ended up passing on both of them for different reasons. I'm still wondering whether or not I shot myself in the foot on that one. Oh well, we'll soon see. I've just gotten to the point where I'm tired of settling. A friend of mine gave me a few agent referrals, so I sent those out before I left. Hopefully, I'll get a bite.

My little momma had an audition today for ONSTAR, but (of course) we had to pass. Doesn't that always happen when you leave town?

Funny Story: So, last night, I'm getting ready for bed in the guest room of my sister's cozy lil' house, and decide to (randomly) check out what's on the tube. VH1. Okay. Best Week Ever. Okay. I've enjoyed this show before. I notice in the "topics" that they'll be talking about GREY’S ANATOMY. Cool, maybe I'll see a glimpse of myself from last week's episode. (Which, by the way, I was delighted to see re-aired on Thursday.) So, they're quickly touching on the highlights of what happened during the three episode arc, making fun of the fact that all of the other injured people are abandoned by the doctors/interns for a seemingly deceased Meredith. So why, out of all of the scenes, did they choose to show mine in it's entirety?!? Hilarious. I was freaking out, "Look Taya, mommies on VH1!" So, I guess that's a milestone for me. I had NO IDEA that I'd be surprised by myself on TV last night. No idea at all. Check it out if you can. The comments are hilarious. It's scheduled to air throughout the weekend.

That's all for now.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Print Audition - BABYTALK MAGAZINE - 02/17/07 (Kenyah)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

If it hasn't aired where you live yet...

...make sure you catch me on GREY’S ANATOMY tonight! I've already gotten calls from my family on the right coast saying that I survived the cutting room floor!...:)...

I'm bummed that it won't re-air tomorrow night though!...

Nita G.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

VO Audition - UNITED WAY & WAWA - 2/13/07
Commerical Audition - KAY JEWELERS - 2/13/07 (Kenyah)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February Sweeps...

VO Audition – CD Rom Project/Crazy Taxi - 2/9/07

My intention was to come by much sooner than now to update you all on what’s been going on since I’ve shed the day job, but it seems that since I’m no longer “forced” to sit behind a keyboard every day, I do it more sparingly.

My days have been consumed with more “Mommy stuff” and less “Excel and PowerPoint stuff” and life is grand. So far. I’m still waiting for reality to kick in, and I’m sure it will once the bank account starts to get a little thirstier than usual. However, if my luck continues to pick up for 2007, that may never happen...:)...let’s just “hope” shall we?

So, let’s get to it.

  • The VO Auditions continue to roll in, and I continue to feel like I’m doing a great job, but alas, no bookings. Maybe it’s time to seriously think about taking a VO workshop, since I never have before.
  • The night of my last day of work (1/31) I attended an AFTRA sponsored workshop, led by an actor named Michael Kostroff, called Audition Psych. 101. Very intuitive guy. Some of my favorite pearls from the workshop included:

    - When auditioning, remind yourself that there are more important things going on in the world, it will help with your nerves.
    - Remember the task of the actor. You’re the expert. Enter with the authority of a professional. (i.e. Would a plumber walk into a clients home and ask THEM how to fix their toilet?)
    - During your mini interview at the start of an audition, give simple answers. (CD’s don’t want to hear about your childhood, or what you had for lunch every day this week.)
    - Don’t be afraid to be brilliant!
    - An audition is the opportunity to have someone watch you act.
    - Getting a callback, is getting the job!

    He gave many other great tips, but since he has published a book, I should probably stop here...:)...
  • Okay, so I met with both the managers, and I have a pretty good lock on one. She is a former model/actor herself, seems really sincere, and only has a hand full of clients. I’m really hoping that she will give me the much needed attention I so desperately need these days. More information about this partnership later.
  • FUNNY STORY: On my way home from the meeting with the manager mentioned above, who do I notice in the passenger seat of the car behind me? Chyna Doll, the former Wrestler, turned Reality TV Star. Through some weird cosmic occurrence, we ended up side by side at the light on the corner of Wilshire and La Cienega. The light was red just long enough for me to ask her for her autograph (for my husband, who is a huge wrestling fan), her to oblige, her “driver” to jump out of the car, Chyna to ask me my husbands name, write him what seemed to be a long note (which I joked about possibly being a love letter/she laughed), for her “driver” to jump out of the car again to give the note back to me, me to thank her, and her to thank me, just as the light turned green. I would post it, but I've decided to perserve it's sanctity for my husbands sake...:)...It’s funny, it was an awkward feeling, I NEVER ask for autographs (or photos for that matter). I think the last autograph I asked for was from Spike Lee, waaaayyyy back in the day, when I was just a teen.
  • Speaking of Chyna Doll, just got to mention that I'm strangely obsessed with this whole Anna Nicole Smith saga. As a mother, I really feel sorry for her and her children.
  • My baby didn’t get a callback, it’s all good though. On to the next one!
  • Got some dates for my next trip to New Mexico (2/26 – 3/9). Gotta follow the distribution of my guides with a live appearance. Duh...:)...
  • Here is the excerpt about me that was in the paper a couple of weeks back. My momma is so proud...:)...
  • One more thing, don't forget to watch me on TV this month!

February 6 - STRONG MEDICINE (on Lifetime) at 1:30am/12:30am C
February 15 - GREY’S ANATOMY (on ABC) at 9pm/8pm C
(More details to follow!)
February 18 - GREY’S ANATOMY (on Lifetime) at 11pm/10pm C
February 21 - BRINGING HOME BABY (on TLC) at 3pm/2pm C

See ya next time...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

VO Audition - KOHLER TOILETS - 2/8/07

Thursday, February 01, 2007

VO Audition - CDW - 2/1/07