Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can you see the Bags Under my Eyes?!?....

Print Audition - GYMBOREE - 1/30/08 (Kenyah & Taya-Morgan)

Taya-Morgan, you ask? Yes! She was with us, and was asked to be seen as well. Cool! As a result, and because she HAS been asking me for the last couple of months, I've decided to sign her with Kenyah's agent. Only for print work though, because if you knew how shy she could be, you'd know that she's no where near being ready for on camera. Anywho, I'm thinking, this is just one more thing I have to add to my already crazy schedule. But hey, when it comes to the kids. How can I resist?!?...:)...

So, as you can see, I finally got the BRANDY NORWOOD pic from my friend! Yeah!...

P.S. Remember that business venture I'd mentioned a couple of posts ago? More (EXCITING!) information coming soon.


Kim Wayans – "A Handsome Woman Retreats" - Pt. 2

Tann, Kim Wayans, and I at "A Handsome Woman Retreats" Re-Opening (1/25/08)...

- Me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kim Wayans – "A Handsome Woman Retreats" - Pt. 1

This has to be one of the coolest things that has happened to me in a long time!

If you remember me talking about wanting to go see this show back in October, and what subsequently happened that caused me not to be able to go see it, you’ll understand why it was such a shock for me to have received an e-mail from Kim’s publicist this past Friday (1/25) morning, asking whether or not I’d ended up seeing the show after all. I explained to him that I never did get a chance to see it, and he explained that it was being brought back for a return engagement, AND that it was opening that night. Then, get this, he proceeded to offer me 2 comp tickets to see the show! How cool is that?!?

Of course I went!...:)...I took my friend TANN with me, and OMG!, if you remember how funny KIM WAYANS was during her IN LIVING COLOR days, I can tell you that she brings all of that, AND MORE to her one woman show. She is so hilarious. I explained to her after the show, that my friend made the wrong decision in asking me to sit in the front row with her. I almost ended up on the stage a couple of times because I was laughing so hard. You know, when you laugh so hard you start crying? That’s what I was doing. The most interesting thing happened though. During the course of the show, I discovered that not only is Kim funny as ever, but she has many other dimensions to offer as an actor that we don’t get to see too often. Which, hopefully, as a result of this show, we will get a chance to see more of.

So, in a nutshell, her show will take you on an emotional journey of defining moments in her life, which surface as a result of her going on a 10 day Meditation Retreat. There are ups and downs, and ultimately a timely realization, that as an audience member, you’ll be excited to share with her. The show runs through 2/23, at the 2100 Sq. Ft Theater, so make sure you go check it out! I know I’ll be going back again, because I’m certain there are some moments I missed during my laughing fits.

P.S. Tann brought a camera, and we took a picture with Kim. When I get it, I'll post it. Man, I really need to invest in a new digital camera, and soon!...:)...

- Shenita.

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Headshots - January 2008...

Taken (and airbrushed...:)...) by Mr. Eli Goodman of EKG PHOTO. Hopefully they'll do well for me.

- Me.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is it too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR?!?

VO Audition – STATE FARM & OSCAL - 1/9/08
VO Audition – CHEVY MALIBU – 1/18/08

OMG! It’s been how long since I’ve written on here? Wow. Okay, so, what’s been going on with me you ask? Well, let’s start where we left off:

The holidays went wonderfully well. I saw the family, ate too much, and got some great gifts.

My web design business has completely taken off, so much so that I’ve had to bring some people on board to help me with my work load. That is definitely NOT a bad thing. Getting help has taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders, and it feels good to have other people helping me out, you know, so that I can be prepared should I have to take time off to shoot a feature or something like that...:)...Yes, I’m calling it as though it were!

In Showbiz News:

I’ve been doing many things in preparation of the strike ending. So, because I need some new ones, I took some headshots about two weeks ago. I will share them soon, you know once the airbrushing is done...:)...

Earlier this month, I stopped production on my guide because nm actors just weren’t feeling it, and it was taking up a major chunk of my time. Interestingly enough, just a couple of days ago, actor GREG SERANO (a regular on WILDFIRE) called me to talk about what it was all about. Turns out he has an acting studio in ABQ, and wanted to discuss the possibility of how we could help each other get the word out about our ventures. I explained to him that I’d given up on the guide, and told him that I’d let him know should I ever feel the need to resurrect it. In the meantime though, I have no problems with pitching his class for him. So if you’re in the area, give him a call: 505.803.9501! The cost of the class sounds very reasonable, and if you’re an aspiring actor, you should be running to study with a working actor!

Speaking of calls, a local business man contacted me, after reading my blog, with a very, very interesting proposition. I will divulge more on this later if/when we move forward with it.

I got some really good SAG lovin’ last week, and boy was it a surprise! And, as an added bonus, (in preparation of the SAG Awards) I’ve received tons of free movies right at my doorstep: INTO THE WILD, HAIRSPRAY, and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN to name a few. I voted online this morning for the Awards, and almost contemplated purchasing tickets to go to the show, until I found out that not only do you have to be INVITED to buy tickets, but they’re $600 a piece! I don’t think so. I guess I’ll be waiting until I’m officially invited. Maybe next year...:)...

So, anyhow, backtracking to the morning of my photo shoot. I went to have my hair done, and from where I was sitting, I noticed that a tall young man was eyeballing me from across the way. After a few minutes of him looking at me, and obviously talking about me to the person that was cutting his hair, I asked him what was up. (Not in a rude way of course, but you know how I do.) Turns out he recognized me as an actor. We ended up talking for a few minutes, and I found out that he is an filmmaker/actor as well, and, strangely enough, he knows one of my brothers-in-law. Small world.

Along those same lines, my mom has this co-worker who’s been stressing her for an autograph photo of me. Freaky. At any rate, I dropped one in the mail for her yesterday.

I’m still ironing out the kinks with my new VO reel, I hope to be posting that soon.

“Yes!” I’ll admit that sometimes I GOOGLE myself, which I think is okay, because I tend to come across new stuff. Case in point: Although I’m sure I won’t be getting any residuals from this, I thought it was cool.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet BRANDY NORWOOD and her family (RAY J included) at a church sponsored event. She was really cool. I was able to get a great photo with her, which a friend of mine took. But, for some reason he is seriously procrastinating about sending it to me. Once I get it, I’ll post it up.

Last, but certainly not least, my heartfelt prayers go out to HEATH LEDGER and his family. Such a tragic loss.

So, I guess that’s about it this time around.

Til next time,