Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Springtime Smorgasbord!

TV Audition - BREAKING BAD - 5/13/11
Callback - BREAKING BAD - 5/17/11

Okay, so here is an “I MET” that I promised I’d spill waaayyy back in January...

It’s hard for me to recall ALL the details of this story because it was quite some time ago, but what I do remember is that it wasn’t long after I’d moved to Los Angeles. It was late evening. I was hungry. Both my roommates had plans. So, I decided on a whim, to treat myself to dinner.

It was a little American Bistro (or French, I can’t recall), not too far from where I was living at the time, just off Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. I’d ordered my entree and was watching passersby on the rooftop patio when a group of older black women settled in at a huge dining table right next to me. It seemed to be some kind of social networking or business presentation type of thing.

Anyway, after a while, the women seemed to notice that I was eating alone, so they made a huge deal about me joining them for the rest of the evening. I finally obliged...

I remember lots of good food, drinks, laughter, and surprise on my part that I was having fun with this group of elderly strangers. (I was early 20's at the time, so I thought every one over 35 was elderly. Lol.)

For some reason, the woman right next to me stood out. She was familiar, beautiful, elegant, but I couldn’t place her. I caught myself studying her face several times during the course of the evening. Why did I know her?

Things ended, I thanked them, hugs and numbers exchanged, and I had no further thought about it, until a couple of days later, it suddenly dawned on me...

NICHELLE NICHOLS!! The Star Trek actress...

I had just hung out with this legendary woman and all her friends and I didn’t even know who she was. I hadn’t made it count!

- I didn’t get an autograph.
- I didn’t get a picture.
- And most importantly, I didn’t get to ask for advice.

DOH! You better believe that from that moment on, I knew who was who in Hollywood. I still kick myself to this day when I think about that night. Lol.


Okay, egg off my face and moving on...

- The NOT ONBOARD trailer is up! Right now, the only place you can see it is on Facebook. Check it out here, if you can:
- Looks like the possibility of me returning to IN PLAIN SIGHT and the theater project I toyed with are no more...:(...
- However! I am up for another role on BREAKING BAD. Still waiting to hear something...:)...
- Had the most informative conversation with an accomplished author/illustrator at the start of the week. Putting together some stuff to send to him so that hopefully I can get my book done in 2011.
- Lastly, on 5/7, my family and I attended Bob Nuchow's LEGACY ART ALBUQUERQUE meet and greet at the Frontier restaurant where I had the opportunity to meet Lou Diamond Phillips and Adam Beach. (See pics below taken by photographer Cheo Tapia.)

See ya soon!

Shenita Moore