Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wow, has it been 3 weeks?

VO Audition - 8/24/05 - PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS

Okay, so I've done a lot since the last you've heard from me. After two reschedules this month (one being my fault, the other being the make-up artists fault) I have finally gotten my new headshots done! YES!! (Here's one of the looks I did.) I'm so happy! I think they came out great! I'm really praying that these new pictures will boost my audition ratio. FYI...I will update my website soon with the final photos, once they have been selected and retouched. (Don't trip!) Yes, I said retouched...:)...not a lot though.

My auditions have picked up. No callbacks or bookings yet, but it's all good. At least I'm going out! I was thrilled to audition for HUFF because I'd never meet the CD before (he was really cool by the way). However, one of the biggest drawbacks for me as an actor are the same day auditions. AGGHHH! Need I say more? The audition was on a Monday, so I would have loved to have had the weekend to work on the sides, but alas that wasn't in the cards. I got the call at 10:00am Monday morning. The audition was at 3:45pm Monday afternoon. I know, I know, actors are supposed to be prepared to do cold readings, which I am, but I think all actors know that we're more likely to knock it out of the park when we're allowed time to dissect the role, nurture it, commit it to memory, etc. Although I didn't do good enough to warrant a callback, I think the CD liked me, so there's a high probability of more HUFF auditions in my near future!...:)...Cool.

I'm addicted to LOST now. OMG. I didn't watch it last season, but I started watching it over the summer. It reminds me of a modern day TWILIGHT ZONE. I would be on cloud 9 if I ever had an opportunity to audition for that show. (How likely is it though, considering the circumstances of the cast?) I guess time will tell, they've managed to do a fantabulous job of bringing in guest stars and co-stars in the flashbacks, so you never know.

If you haven't seen HOTEL RWANDA, see it NOW! It's outstanding. Let's just say I went to Don Cheadle's website and sent him an e-mail, I was so impressed...:)...

So lastly, since summer's almost over, let's revisit the plan of action I put together earlier this summer, shall we? Just to see how far I've gotten.
  • I've been rocking the braids for two months now, and I love them! I'll be keeping these for a while.
  • Photography done! Still getting through selection and retouching process.
  • I will be making an appt to get my demo reel done sometime next week. I will get hard copies, and post a clip on Actors Access. Voice over reel is still in the pipeline. (Still waiting for the Pantene VO spot! Ugh!)
  • No passport yet, shhh, don't tell my agent. (Why is it so hard to get one of these things? It's kind of like dealing with the DMV. Unless you know you're leaving town next week [or your tags are about to expire] you put it off.)
  • Still exercising, no significant weight loss though...:(...
  • I have a new bio! (Go to the BIOGRAPHY page on my website to read it.)
  • Still working on the press kit, but I do have a new article to put in it...:)...Check it out:

So it looks like I've made some progress, still got a long ways to go though...:)...but, I'm excited, very excited to see what the next few months will bring!


Monday, August 15, 2005

TV Audition - 8/15/05 - HUFF

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

VO Audition - 8/11/05 - TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

Friday, August 05, 2005

Just Trying to Stay Busy!

Last weekend, my husband and I went to see HUSTLE & FLOW. I thought it was such an amazing film. I loved it! I would really be surprised if most of the cast isn't nominated for their roles in this movie. When I see cinema such as this, it truly inspires me, and I begin to think: "Man, what do I need to do to be considered for roles such as these?" Hopefully the answer to that question will come sooner, rather than later!...:)...

Although, I'm starving for an audition, I did get to live vicariously through my 3 year old yesterday. She went to her first audition in about a year and a half. (Long story short: She used to audition, and work quite a bit, as a baby/toddler, but when she started developing her personality, and I realized she was becoming shy and timid, I pulled her out. She started to cry during her auditions, so I knew that wasn't a good sign!) Her revisit to the industry came from my VO agents, they were reading 3 to 5 year olds for the role of Thumper's Little Sister, and they asked if I wanted to bring her in. At first I was hesitant, but I decided I'd take her to see what would happen. Let's just say, sista girl made mama proud!

See with VO's, we're in a sound booth, so there's an advantage, because as far as she was concerned, no one else could hear or see us. We did 2 takes, and I really think she did a fantabulous job. Even if she doesn't booked this role, I'm so proud of her, and I'm confident that my agents will continue to bring her in.

I was scheduled to have my headshots redone tomorrow, but unfortunately, because of a financial snafu...(Okay, I'm broke alright?!?)...I had to reschedule for August 20th. The photographer was cool about it, and since he shoots digitally, I think the turnaround time should be fairly quick. I think in the meantime, I will scrape together the change to have my Demo Reel redone and upload a clip of it on Actors Access and LA Casting. Several friends of mine who have done this say they are really seeing a noticeable increase in the amount of auditions they're getting, so I figure I might as well give it a shot!

I got a call yesterday from Carol H. Williams, they are the Ad Agency that I did the Pantene VO spot for a couple of months ago, they are finally putting my copy of the spot in the mail! YES! So a new VO Reel will be coming soon too.

I got an e-mail today from a newspaper journalist who'd like to write an article about me! Cool huh? That'll be the 2nd article for the press kit that I have in the works. (I'll post it as soon as I get a copy.) If you haven't seen the 1st article, then check out the NEWS page of my website for the link. The 3rd press kit entry will be the Actor's Book I mentioned a while back, the author is still working on that one, so it'll probably be a little while before I can post it.

I also got a call today from my Theatrical Agency saying they were running low on headshots and resumes. That's always a good sign right?...

Last Saturday my STRONG MEDICINE appearance re-aired, and this Sunday my GREY’S ANATOMY appearance will re-air.

So, although I'm not auditioning right now, I'm still keeping pretty busy, so it's all good.

I'm praying for a busy FALL SEASON!

Peace and Hair Grease...