Sunday, June 08, 2008

Painting the town Red!...(just a little)...

When I had the audition for the THE CLEVELAND SHOW, it was one of those days when whatever could go wrong, did go wrong! I consider the opportunity to audition for a series regular role on a pilot a very big deal, but a lot of things were just not working in my favor that day. So much so, that after I left, I considered calling my agent to ask if I could come back and re-record. I didn't however, so now I'm just hoping and praying that some how, some way, I'm still being considered. We'll see.

So much has been going on the past couple of weeks. First of all, my baby is 2 now! I still can't believe that. In celebration of her birthday, my husband and I took the girls to see Elmo Live at the NOKIA Theater L.A. Live last Saturday (5/31). The kids had a blast! On the way there, we stopped off at the Leimert Park Village Book Fair, where we ran into several familiar faces: Kim Wayans, Bernadette Stanis, Adilah Barnes, and Lindsey Shaw.

Yesterday (6/8), I enjoyed some much needed ME TIME! Some girlfriends and I decided to hit up an event at the 9th Annual HBFF. After years of saying I'd wanted to go show my support at this festival, I finally did it. We attended the Black Women in Film Shorts Program. All 8 of the short films were very creative and inspiring to say the least. It's funny to me because when I go to stuff like this, it always reminds me of exactly how long I've lived in Los Angeles. Out of the 8 films, I ended up knowing (or knowing of) people that were in 4 of them: fellow blogger/actress Lydia Blanco acted in one of the shorts, as did my friend Nadege Auguste. Kenny Blank produced another of the films, and my friend Adetoro Makinde directed and produced yet another one.

After the screening, the ladies and I headed to the after party at the Ben Kitay Studios. It was a lot of fun! Not only did I finagle my way onto the red carpet again, (Yes, I had to do it guys - I can't afford a publicist right now, so a sista gotta publicize herself!...:)...) but I also got my very first swag bag chock full of AMBI products. Very cool! I took photos with Ms. Loretta Devine and Dorian Gregory.

Speaking of photos, as you can see, now that I'm really getting into this whole digital camera era, I'm starting to use it for more than just taking pictures of the little ones. More and more I'm finding myself asking for a picture when I hobnob with the Hollywood type...:)...(So now I can have visual proof for you guys, cuz I know a lot of ya'll tend to think that bloggers are full of it.) I usually post more pictures on my MySpace page, so if you're interested in seeing more, stop by my page one day.

Okay, so I know this particular blog is
already long, but I decided I wanted to squeeze in a quick I SAW, because this couple is all over the Hollywood scene right now. It's really funny because now that I think back, I'm pretty sure that both of these sightings were around the very same time. I remember being VERY pregnant with Taya-Morgan, so this had to of been around 6 years ago. I saw her at the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica early one Sunday morning (before church...:)...). She was looking strikingly beautiful (as always) as she pushed her little son around in his stroller. Noone bothered them, from what I could tell, and there were no paparazzi around. They seemed to be enjoying some quality family time together. Now, when I saw him, the experience was very different, and it was completely by surprise. I was leaving work one day, and he and I exited opposite elevator banks at the very same time. It was strange because we ended up walking in tandem with one another, side by side. He wore a hat, and at the time he was fully bearded (I guess he was growing it out for a film) but there was no confusing who he was. As we walked together...:P...a crazed fan, (and yes I'm calling her a crazed fan, because she was screaming and literally crumpled at his feet with a pen and paper) bombarded him for an autograph. He, calmly and in one swift motion, took the pen and paper, etched his autograph, handed back the pen and paper, flashed a playboy smile, and continued walking without ever missing a single beat. I tell you, I was truly amazed. Truly, truly amazed. As we reached the end of the corridor he exited the through revolving doors, and I headed toward the parking garage, completely - star struck.

The mystery couple? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

P.S. OTIS is out on DVD this Tuesday (6/10), hopefully I'm in the deleted scenes!


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