Thursday, June 19, 2008

Painting the town Red!...(just a little bit more)...

The SPRITE VO audition I had last Friday (6/14) afternoon in Burbank went well for one reason, and one reason only, a fellow actress was kind enough to rangle my two little one's for me while I rehearsed, and snuck into the booth. I definitely owe her lunch next time I see her. The call for the audition was very last minute, and although I really tried, I couldn't find anyone to watch the two of them for me. Now that the Summer has arrived, I have a feeling I will be dealing with this issue a few more times before the Fall. My daughter was a little bummed because I was trying to explain to her as we drove away, that Tempestt Bledsoe had been sitting in the waiting room with them while I'd been in the booth. Why is that relevant? Long story short, my daughter loves The Cosby Show (and Tempestt's character) so much these days, that she named her pet fish "Vanessa"...:)...

Last Friday (6/14) night was great fun. Although I got "the call" that I was being stood up by my friends (in route to the babysitters house) I went ahead and attended the event solo. The event, the BET J's Countdown to the Best Shorts Showcase, was at a gallery in Leimert Park. Among other folks, I had the opportunity to meet the always inspiring Hill Harper and the ever so nice T'Keyah Crystal Keymah. Both of which, were kind enough to take a photo with me. The promos that were shown for the 5 final films looked really good. I can't wait to see them in their entirety next season. Since I was solo, and extremely tired, I decided to skip the birthday party in Hollywood. When I picked up the kiddies that night, turns out I had saved the day (in my daughter's eyes) with the pic of "Raven's Mom"...:)...

Saturday (6/15) morning, I was up early for a meeting on behalf of MME. The meeting went well, and as a result, MME has been brought on to assist in the making of a short film this summer. The fim is called THE THIRST, and will be submitted to festivals. I'm very excited to be learning more about the ends and outs of filmmaking. We have a few more projects we are "in talks" about for the summer, so please keep us in your prayers.

This weekend the hubby and I will be supporting Tasia Sherel's play: MY BROTHER'S KEEPER. The reviews I've been hearing are great, so if you're looking for something to do this weekend, I'd say check it out!



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