Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Know How I Get Down: RAMBLINGS and I MET...

One thing that appears as if it didn't take too much of a hit during the strike is the commercial world. I tell ya, if I see one more person I know in a commercial, I think I'll freak!...:)...In a matter of 2 days this past week, I saw close to 10 actors I know in commercials. Believe me, no haterade here, I love to see people working, I just don't understand why I'm not even getting out commercially. "Yes", I think I have a great agent, and "Yes", I finally got some great new photos a few weeks ago, (that I hope work for me once I start using them) but I kind of feel like something else is going on. I'll have to do a little research, and figure out what needs to be done in that area.

Still chugging along with the business venture, we are scheduled to have a "let's get everything solidified" meeting late next week. So, I'll be sending out some announcements, etc shortly thereafter.

Last Saturday (2/16), I went back to see KIM WAYANS' play again with a group, and quite possibly laughed even harder than I did the first time I saw it. That girl is exceptional. I have to tell you though, one of the best parts (the part that shocked me the most of the whole evening) was when I approached her after the show to say hello, and she responded with: "SHENITA!" and gave me a great big bear hug. Boy that felt great, and now of course my mom thinks I've finally made it...:)...Rubbing shoulders with big name celebrities and all, and them remembering my name no less! We chatted for a few minutes, and Kim explained to everyone that her show is going on tour, so definitely look out for it in a city near you sometime soon. As we parted ways, she told me to, "Keep in touch." How cool is that?!?

Toying around (once again) with the idea of taking on a manager. I feel like I need some hand holding these days. I have too many agents, and so little time. I really need a point person, and I figure giving up 15% of something, is much better than giving up 0% of nothing, right?

Just got the girls h/r updated, so now I have to start working on my stuff. A new reel, hard copies of my new headshots, and I most certainly gotta get back in the gym! I stopped going again right before Christmas. I did, however, finally venture back to the Sand Dunes on President's Day (2/18) with la familia, my writer friend, and her son, and I'm still sore. We saw SNOOP DOGG's whole family there. I said hello to his wife, and told her she's funny on the show. It kind of makes sense that we saw them though, because I had just been talking about them, and their show, the two days prior. Anyone who knows me well, knows what I mean when I say that it "kind of makes sense that we saw them"....:)...For those of you who don't know, they used to call me the Voo Doo Princess back in the day.

To explain, for some odd reason, at times, either I can totally speak things into existence, or I have a way of predicating the future somehow. Before you think I'm crazy, case in point, remember when I told you I'd met JARED LETO? Well, kid you not, the day before I met him, I was reading one of my roommates teeny bopper magazines, completely drooling over how hot he was, and sharing with her how I had once sent him a fan letter. Not thinking much of it, the next day, the very same friend and I decided to go for a stroll on Melrose Avenue. I asked her if we could stop at a random convenience store, so that I could grab a bottled water, and who walks in and heads toward the magazine rack just as I'm approaching the check out line? You got it. Jared Leto. And ya'll know me, I had to say something, so I blurt out, "I was just reading about you in a magazine yesterday!" "Really?" he says. "Which one?" Of course I don't expect him to say that, and I don't remember which one, but fortunately for me, I played it off just long enough to find the magazine, and flip to the page he's on. His response: "These magazines are silly. Most of this stuff about me is so made up." (Wow, really? I think. No really, I didn't know that at the time...:)...) Anyway, we exchanged a couple of "Nice to meet You's", and went our separate ways. After pulling that same stunt several more times, my pals labeled me the Voo Doo Princess. In all actuality though, if a person is in the media an enormous amount, and I happen to visit some of the same places they do, it's only a matter of time before I see/meet them right? Right.

Anywho, speaking of my writer friend, who joined me at the Dunes, we really got to catch up, and things appear to be going VERY, VERY well for her. I really think 2008 is going to be a break through year for a lot of people.

Onward and Upward!



  1. Hooray! You're back and sounds like things are busy. I've since changed blog addresses- had to be done because of some internet-type stalker. Nothing dangerous just an annoyance. Stop by now and then

  2. Thanks for the love Hollie! I most certainly will do that...:)...

    - Shenita.