Sunday, January 29, 2006

Won't You Stay/Just a Little Bit Longer?

So far the auditions have been going fairly well. With the exception of the one on Friday, which was a little confusing, the CD treated me as if I had a third eye during the read. I couldn't gage her at all. There were 6 spots total. On one or two of the spots she instructed me very well as to what the client was looking for, but on the others, I was completely on my own. She allowed me to read them just once. After the read, she asked me about the baby, and my due date and stuff like that, and she seemed very personable at that point. So I don’t know. It can go either way. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

I was proud of myself in that I didn't let my competition influence me like I have in the past. Just before I walked in Vernee Watson Johnson (best known for her role as Will Smith's mom on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) walked out. Her and the CD were chatting it up like old high school buddies. Had I of let that affect me, I really would have bombed like I did years ago when I ran into Lisa Gay Hamilton at a VO audition for an animated series. Last year it was Nicki Micheaux who rode up the elevator with me. Needless to say, I booked that one!...:)...

I lucked out because my audition was right across the street from Isgo Lepejian, and I happened to have my CD with my headshots on it in my bag. I ran in and ordered 50 lithos of each shot, and then bolted back across town to my day job. I figure 50 of each shot should be enough to get me through until after I have my baby, and can take new ones.

When I got home on Friday afternoon, my agent and I had a long telephone conversation and she enlightened me about a few things that have been going on within the agency that I didn’t know about. She stressed to me that this new bit of information was probably the reason why I’d been feeling neglected as of late, that, and my hormones, which is probably true. We agreed to keep our working relationship in tact until this summer (after pilot season, and once my baby is born) and at that time we can re-evaluate things. I’m cool with that.

Saturday night my family and I attended a “Sag-ulations” Dinner Party. A fellow actor friend of mine, Tann Moore, joined SAG last week, and her non-actor hubby threw a congratulatory surprise dinner party for her at P.F. Changs, and invited several of her industry friends. How cool is that as an actor to have such a great support system?!? After dinner he presented her with a cookie cake and a “Pilot Season Emergency Kit”. He also gave us artists in attendance inspirational cards, and gift certificates to Staples. The evening was really a great motivator. On the way home my non-actor hubby and I had a real heart to heart, and he confided in me that he wants to be the same type of support system for me. I was really touched and flattered, because he and I go back and forth about this crazy industry all the time. I’m excited to know that he has vowed to support me in my decisions pertaining to my acting career.

I’m sorry! For those of you who went out and bought BackStage West on Friday. I must explain. I learned that the article was supposed to run in BackStage West and the Hollywood Reporter. Turns out the date I gave you all was for the run date in the Hollywood Reporter (it got pulled by the way) and the BackStage West date has yet to be decided. I’ve e-mailed the journalist. I’ll keep you posted as to when the article will actually run.

I watched the SAG Awards tonight. Awesome! Many of my votes counted, which was cool. I love the SAG Awards because they are for actors, by actors. I also love them because they're only 2 hours long! Honestly, this is the only awards show I can watch from start to finish.

Until Next Time.

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